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Associate Members Project Kick-Off Meeting Held

Tue, 06 July, 2021

A kick off meeting has been held to launch a new Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) Associate Members’ project. The project, ‘Virtual Multi-physics Design Methodology for Multilayer Liner Systems,’ will see NIC Associates and NIC management work alongside experts from TWI to develop modelling and simulation tools to enable the efficient screening and assessment of new multi-layer lined pipes.

The kick-off meeting was held to formally confirm and accept the scope of the project, which will see the creation of a multi-physics modelling workflow that accounts for the transport processes, polymer ageing and swelling, and mechanical deformations that occur for a range of conditions that a multi-layer pipe system may experience through its design life.

The new project will document the application of the virtual design methodology with case studies, deliver a report on a technology gap analysis, and propose follow-on project work to further validate the proposed workflow.

This project is just the first of a series of anticipated Associate Member projects that are due to commence, allowing companies to engage with the NIC sponsors and TWI.

About the NIC Associate Programme

The NIC’s Associate Programme allows companies to engage with the NIC Sponsors and TWI. Associate companies can get involved by providing potential solutions to NIC challenges, while gaining a range of benefits at the same time.

You can find out more about the programme here.