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NIC Associate Programme Launched

Tue, 22 June, 2021

The Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) has launched an Associate Programme, allowing more companies to engage with the NIC Sponsors and TWI. Associate companies will have the opportunity to get involved by providing potential solutions to the NIC challenges, while gaining a host of benefits at the same time.

The Associate Programme will allow NIC to get closer to oil and gas supply chains and foster technical collaboration across organisations.

About NIC

The NIC is a private technology innovation partnership between Saudi Aramco Technologies Company (SATC), Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and TWI, based at TWI in Cambridge UK.

The NIC’s main objective is the expansion of the operating envelope for non-metallic pipes and supporting technologies (inspection and condition monitoring, integrity assessment and maintenance, standards and specifications). The NIC invests in research programmes with partners from academic institutions, research centres, materials suppliers and pipe manufacturers.

With input from industrial experts through Technology Advisory Board meetings and NIC Associates, the NIC is seeking to enable the uptake of non-metallic solutions in new areas and environments, along with creating practical solutions to the challenges of the research sponsors.