NIC, Future Pipe Industries and Saudi Aramco sign agreement towards enhancing collaborative research

Research agreement signing at TWI, Cambridge, UK. Photograph: Non-metallic Innovation Centre

CAMBRIDGE, England, 04 November 2019 – The Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC), Future Pipe Industries (FPI) and the Saudi Aramco Technologies Company (AramcoTech) have signed an agreement towards commencing research addressing a selection of the current technological limitation on non-metallic pipelines.

The signing was the first in a collection of collaboration agreements, for research that will be conducted by the NIC in partnership FPI, towards enhancing the application of RTR (Reinforced Thermoset Resin) pipes in harsh environments found within the Oil and Gas Industry.

Saudi Aramco’s VP and Chief Technology Officer, Ahmad Al Khowaiter said: “we are delighted to be part of this important agreement. The opening of NIC is a testament to the industry’s commitment to the development of advanced materials that can withstand conditions that are typically the reserve of steel and metallic alloys. What this means for our industry is greater safety, lower costs from downtime and maintenance and lower emissions. The advances in R&D in the field of non-metallics will lead to materials that are lighter, stronger and more durable. Materials that create opportunities for industry and new products for consumers.”

Discussing the signing, Future Pipe Industries CEO, Dr Dirk Matthys said, “It is exciting to be working in collaboration with both Aramco and the NIC. This specific cooperation will enable us to broaden the current operating envelope for non-metallic RTP technology and address the challenges presented by increasingly harsher applications and environments within the Oil & Gas sector. R&D and innovation are key drivers in Future Pipe Industries, so we see this as a perfect fit.

Speaking about the research agreement, NIC Programme Director, Dr. Mihalis Kazilas, said: “We are very proud and excited to be collaborating Future Pipe Industries. Their experience of application for non-metallic technology across the oil and gas industry assures us of developing industry-led R&D across all technology readiness levels. The scope for advancing polymeric materials is enormous, therefore at NIC we are committed to collaborating with leading manufactures to deliver world-leading solutions that will shape the future of the energy industry.”

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