ADNOC Group visits NIC

On July 30th, NIC had the pleasure of welcoming senior visitors from ADNOC, one of world’s leading energy producers, including Khadija Al-Daghar, ADNOC Research & Development Manager.

Khadija Al-Daghar, ADNOC Research & Development Manager (Centre) - The visiting team from ADNOC also included Qasem Al Kayoumi, Abdull Ateya Al Messabi, Dr Djamel Ouzzane, Dr Abdallah Al Tamimi, Mohammed Jaber, Fahad Salem Alwahedi, Dr John Boran, Elsayed Abdelbaky and Rahul K Panchal.

During the visit, ADNOC were able to view the extensive TWI and NIC facilities, including the state-of-the-art R&D equipment, discuss the current NIC technology challenges, and potential collaborations.

As a Private Technology Innovation Partnership (PTIP) between Aramco Technologies and TWI, NIC connects with composites manufacturers, academic institutions and industrial partners such as ADNOC.

As centres for research and development, PTIPs work with private technology organisations to commercialise technology with sponsors and their supply chain. They also foster home-grown innovation and work closely with customers, such as ADNOC, to address their technology priorities.

TWI maintains extensive laboratories and expert technician teams, with the abilities to design, build, evaluate and improve technologies for (i) welding, joining, coating, additive manufacture and cutting, (ii) material, component and structural testing, and (iii) inspection and monitoring of non-metallic materials and structures. These are complemented by materials characterisation and analysis facilities, used to identify root causes of industrial problems and to support the design and implementation of industrial solutions, including manufacture of prototypes.

The organisation has also acquired millions of pounds’ worth of cutting-edge equipment to ensure it is able to harness the very latest R&D technologies. By using modern equipment, TWI is able to solve problems and develop innovations using state-of-the-art analytical and investigative techniques, providing sponsors and clients with detailed, insightful reports and solutions that support their industrial requirement.

This August, NIC also welcomed visitors from Saudi Aramco to the Non-Metallic Innovation Centre (NIC), for a comprehensive tour of the TWI & NIC laboratories and equipment.

Lead by Dr Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak (TWI Senior Project Leader in Functional Coatings & Resins) and Stuart Lewis (TWI Senior Project Leader and Composites Joining Engineer), the tour included a walkthrough of the various lab spaces, alongside demonstrations from TWI project leaders:

  • Dr Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak – Novel Additives & Hybrid Polycarbonates materials

  • Stuart Lewis – Microwave Oven & Composite Test facilities

  • Dr David Williams – Plasma Kit Showcase

  • Dr Chris Worrell, TWI Technology Fellow – Advanced Composite Systems Laboratories

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