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NIC Sponsoring AMI Polymer Engineering for Energy Event

Thu, 04 July, 2024

The Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) is delighted to announce that we are sponsoring Applied Market Information Ltd’s (AMI) Polymer Engineering for Energy event (formerly called, ‘Oil and Gas Non-Metallics’).

The event, which is taking place from 3-4 December, 2024, at the Park Plaza Victoria, London, UK, has developed to reflect the continuing diversification across the energy sector, allowing ample opportunity for suppliers of polymer-based products and solutions for the energy industry to network and share knowledge.

Industry experts will be present to address the use of non-metallic materials, including polymer composites, thermoset resins, thermoplastics, and elastomers, in the oil and gas sector along with an exploration of advances for hydrogen service and the global energy transition.

This includes several experts associated with the NIC network, including:

  • Saquer Al Messabi, Senior Specialist in Asset Integrity at ADNOC, ‘Unlocking the Potential of Non-Metallics (Polymers) in the Oil and Gas Industry and Accelerating the Energy Transition’
  • A senior representative from Syensqo, ‘Unlocking High-Temperature Flowline Solutions: Introducing Next Generation PPS Range for Energy Excellence’
  • Gustavo de Souza, Director Sales Brazil for NOV Fiber Glass Systems, ‘Fiber Glass Gratings for Offshore: Rules and Benefits’
  • Thibault Vilette, Research Science Specialist for Non-Metallic Application Development at Saudi Aramco, ‘Novel Thermal Welding Technique for Enhanced Reliability of RTR Pipelines’
  • Bernadette Craster, TWI Technology Fellow and Abderrazak Traidia, Science Specialist and R&D Programme Lead, Saudi Aramco, ‘Radial and Axial Permeation of a Sour Gas Mixture through an RTP Section: A Comparison between Measurement and Modelling

Polymer Engineering for Energy 2024 will investigate how operators are meeting new challenges and pushing the operational experience and durability of materials in extreme conditions, including with higher levels of sour gas and CO2, in deep water offshore production, for high pressure and temperature operations (HPHT), and through exposure to ice and abrasive conditions.

With themes covering topics ranging from market trends to operator perspectives through to the mechanical durability of materials, non-destructive testing and qualification, composite pipes, seals and sealing, disruptive technology innovations, and the global energy transition, this event offers a variety of key topics for attendees.

You can find out more about AMI’s Polymer Engineering for Energy 2024 and register to attend, here.