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High-Pressure Testing Facility Commissioned

Thu, 30 May, 2024

TWI, working alongside the Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC), has recently installed and commissioned a cutting-edge high-pressure burst testing capability for composite pipes at the ADNOC Research and Innovation Centre (ADRIC). This capability is important to sustainability and decarbonisation efforts as composite pipes offer lightweight, corrosion-resistant alternatives to traditional metal pipes over their extended lifecycle.

This marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of enhancing testing capabilities within the MENA region. This new high-pressure testing system is set to improve the assessment of internal pressure resistance in flexible composite pipes, reaching pressures of up to an impressive 1260 bar.

With its precise testing capabilities meeting industry standards such as ISO 1167, EN 12 293 ASTM, D1598 ASTM, and D 1599 ASTM, the newly commissioned facility aims to expedite testing services in the region. Notably, it will significantly reduce the time required to transport pipes to other regions for testing, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and safety standards in the oil and gas sector.

Moreover, the substantial investment in these state-of-the-art facilities underscores the commitment to providing tailored services and demonstrates a collective dedication to fostering industry advancements, economic growth, and energy sustainability.

The collaboration between ADNOC and TWI, as part of the NIC framework, represents a strategic alignment of interests aimed at driving innovation and excellence in the oil and gas sector. Together, they are poised to lead the way in advancing non-metallic composite pipe technologies, contributing to the collective pursuit of sustainability and operational excellence.

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