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Watch: Informative New NIC Video Released

Mon, 11 September, 2023

Opening in September 2019 as a partnership between ADNOC, AramcoTech and TWI, the Non-Metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) has been working alongside partners from academic institutions, research centres, composites materials manufacturers, and oil and gas companies, to reach the goal of advancing the use of non-metallic materials in the oil and gas industry.

With our expertise in welding, joining, coating, material, component and structural testing, and inspection monitoring, we are able to design, build, evaluate and improve technologies, while supporting the commercialisation of innovative products, to provide cost-reducing solutions for industry.

The new video shows how we use disruptive technologies to promote innovation and address challenges in the oil and gas industry through the use of non-metallic materials.

You will also get to see inside our world-class facilities, based at TWI’s headquarters near Cambridge, including sophisticated permeation set-ups that have been specifically designed for polymeric materials and the world’s first pipe-scale multi-gas permeation testing rig for simultaneous non-metallic pipe and connector assessment.

See the video, below, to find out more: