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Technical Advisory Board Review Meeting Held

Thu, 10 February, 2022

The Non-Metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) brought together representatives from NIC research sponsors and NIC Associates with operators, manufacturers, materials suppliers and researchers for a Technical Advisory Board review meeting.

These review meetings allow us to identify and explore novel new research opportunities through market forecasts and the needs of industry. In addition, by facilitating links for research among all parties throughout the supply chain, the Technical Advisory Board can create clear roadmaps for innovation in non-metallics.

The 55 invited experts who attended the meeting provided deep technical discussion and insights across four distinct areas of interest to the NIC. These included current and future applications for polyamide 12 in the oil and gas industry, understanding and measuring permeation through non-metallic pipes, the development of non-metallic connectors for large diameter RTR pipes, and the NDT challenges for non-metallic pipes in use for oil and gas applications.

Aside from providing an insight into the current marketplace, technologies, and trends from across the supply chain, the meeting provided a valuable opportunity for NIC Associates and research sponsors to network.

The NIC Technical Advisory Board review meeting delivered advice and direction for areas that future research should follow in order to ensure the best results across the supply chain.