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World’s First High Pressure/High Temperature RTP Prototype

Mon, 24 May, 2021

The Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC), through a joint collaboration between Saudi Aramco Technologies Company (SATC) and the Netherlands-based pipe manufacturer SoluForce®, is developing a novel cost-effective reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) technology suitable for high temperature and high-pressure applications.

Following a comprehensive material assessment by NIC and its partners, the world’s first 6” prototype based on this innovative RTP system has been developed by SoluForce (see Figure 1).

Despite the wide spectrum of operational benefits associated with composite pipes, it has been a longstanding challenge to expand the operating envelop of RTP in a cost-effective manner.

The current achievement by NIC and its global partners is setting the stage for a revolutionary technology that could unlock massive deployment opportunities for onshore high temperature fluid flowline applications

Figure 1. New generation of HPHT thermoplastic composite pipe jointly developed by NIC and SoluForce
Figure 1. New generation of HPHT thermoplastic composite pipe jointly developed by NIC and SoluForce

Mihalis Kazilas, NIC Programme Director, said, “Since its establishment in 2018, the NIC has gone from strength to strength, based on many years’ combined experience and a shared vision to expand the operational envelope of non-metallic pipes.” He continued, “This latest prototype demonstrates how, by involving like-minded supply chain pioneers, the NIC has accelerated the innovation and met the requirements of oil and gas operations. The NIC is designed to provide an environment in which companies and organisations can team up to try out new ideas for non-metallic pipes via shared activities, and contribute to speeding up the commercialisation process for composite pipes and pipelines.”

Ihsan Taie, Chairman of the NIC steering board and representing SATC, said, “This achievement marks an important milestone in our collaborative journey with SoluForce where a new RTP solution is about to penetrate the oil and gas industry and could become a game changing technology.” Linking this achievement to Saudi Aramco operations, he continued, “The ongoing RTP developments at the NIC are filling an undisputed technology gap and will enable us to increase deployment of non-metallic solutions across our operations.”

Robert-Jan Berg, Managing Director SoluForce, said, “By combining the underlying knowledge of the partners within this collaboration, we have developed a first prototype as a great first step towards achieving our ultimate goals. This first prototype demonstrates that combining the right knowledge is an essential part of innovation. We are pleased that the collaboration between NIC, Saudi Aramco and SoluForce is paving the foundation for a promising future. We all look forward to the next steps towards achieving our joint ambitions. “

You can find out more about the work of the NIC here.